Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Berries' Dilemma - Credits

I owe you guys a lot, and some of you might not even know it. Writing this series has turned into an external delight for me, in the midst of all the excitement in college and outside of it. I am glad to have the support that you guys have given me. All this started out as a joke but in the end, turned into something fairly serious in contrast to the irony of its birth; the Berries Family.

I find myself enjoying writing these chapters more and more recently. It is definitely not exaggerating to say that I have somehow, one way or the other, improved my writing throughout all of this, and I am glad.

This is a post, to thank, all of you; the real people who have inspired this, who have supported, read, and commented, appreciate the <3.

Credits(So that I can feel like it's actually a real hit tv show :) YAY)

Appleberrie - Mei

Buluberry - Imran

Pussyberry - Aaron

Holyberry - Jade

Kittyberry - Kit

Ribenaberry - Christine

Jizzybery - Izzuddin

Tinyberry - Serene

Mushberry - Sean CHAIYO

Smellyberry - JQ

Shells - Michelle

Syaz - Syazwan

Belle - Isabelle

Egg - Wai Yik

Z Shadows - Zac

And of course, not to forget, Kevin's cameo as the doctor who took care of imran, Kevin Ion Bates.

Thank you all, once again, and may this series turn out to be something big in the future...I mean it...:P...Now, I'm going to sleep

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